Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn has arrived!

It's been fall in my house and my heart for weeks now. But I know it's officially the autumn season when Pumpkin Village is back at the Arboretum. We got up early and got there right at opening to beat the crowds. Love this fun and beautiful tradition. We will of course go back several more times once the weather realizes it's fall too :)



Hayden was leading us through the hay bale maze!


We finished our morning with brunch at a yummy diner in Dallas. Already looking forward to our next trip out to the Arboretum.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A day in the life: Our homeschool journey

It's been a while since I've documented a day in the life of a homeschool family.
We don't typically follow a schedule of times to get things done. We just sort
of roll with the punches and embrace what each new day brings.
When I do these posts, I am reminded of the many reasons I love being a homeschool mom.
Welcome to our day!
My alarm clock came down at 7:15am. She enjoyed a glass of milk and a couple of cartoons in my bed.
 When we got out of bed Hayden had a snack and watched tv and played upstairs while I had my coffee and watched Good Day.
Abi typically wanders downstairs around 8:30am. She had breakfast and took a shower and did her own thing for a little while.

I made a to-do and to-get list and did a little budgeting.

Both of the girls did a little school while I got ready for the day. Hayden was playing with her counting bears and Abi was reading a chapter in The Yearling.

All ready for errands around 10:00am.

First stop Sports Authority. Hayden asked to take a picture with the mannequin.
 Second stop, Target (I know, shocking!).

Back home at 12:15 for lunch and part of a movie.

Time for both girls to get some more school done. Hayden learned all about the letter B this week. She used her safety scissors to cut paper and glued them to a butterfly. She also worked on tracing the letter B.
Abi (who does her work independently in her room) worked on World History.

Once Hayden finished school we had some play time while Abi continued to work.

When we were done playing Hayden helped me pick up our mess downstairs. Which basically means everything goes into piles on the staircase.

Time to put some chicken in the slow cooker for dinner later.

Hayden went down for a nap at 1:40.
 Right now we are reading Charlotte's Web and we sing Chin Up before she's down for the count.

Abi finished up school during Hayden's nap.

The next 2 glorious hours are ME time. I will usually read or watch tv (sometimes both). Depending on the day sometimes I'll use this time to shower. On this day I watched a couple episodes of SVU.

Hayden woke up at 4:00. We had a snack and watched a cartoon while I looked over some of Abi's school work.

It was overcast and not a million degrees outside so we headed to the park to play.

Back home to finish prepping dinner while Abi unloads the dishwasher.

6:00 dinner is ready. Some days Eric is home for dinner, others he isn't. On this day he was home shortly after we sat down but headed out about 15 minutes later for a softball game.

After dinner it was bath time for Hayden.
 I took my makeup off and put on my comfies while she played in the tub.

After bath we played together until bedtime.

 8:00 time for Hayden to go to bed...

...while Abi did the dinner dishes.

Hubs got home and showered!

Time for a sweet treat and a show.

We said good-night to Abi (who usually watches tv or reads upstairs until 10:00-ish) and went to bed.
This is the exact time my head hit my pillow. I did stay up for an hour or so watching tv.

Have a great week peeps!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Swim lessons

At the beginning of the month Hayden took a week long swim class. Let's just say my sweet girl takes some time to adjust to the water. She pretty much cried every day but by the last day she was much better. I thought it would be a good idea to keep her enrolled at Emler year round until she is capable of swimming alone without her puddle jumper on. As long as she has that thing on, she loves the water. Love my sweet, cautious girl so much!

Swim lessons with Ms. Sally.

Swim lessons at Emler.